Choose the Best kids toys in Pakistan for your child

11-20-2017 12-13-53 PM

Toys are kid’s best friends! Newborns, toddlers and even kids of age 4 or 5 years love to play with their own toys. And when it comes to choosing from the wide variety of kids toys available today – the options are endless. With fur, soft fabric etc to even the technologically advanced toys or building blocks, a kid needs all but with a certain inclination to play with it. You surely do not want to buy your child a toy which he would not like or avoid playing with. Therefore, what matters is the kids’ choice. Here are a few most popular kids’ toys in Pakistan which cannot go unnoticed by your child!

Buying Guide for kids’ toys in Pakistan

To choose the best kids toys in Pakistan the ideal thing to do is choose from the most popular ones. Here are the things which you should consider.

  • Buy according to age

Be it baby boy or a baby girl important is to give them the toys which suit their age. For newborns always choose delicate toys with soft feel or something chewable as newborns love that. For toddlers pick up more musical toys.

  • Know what your child likes

Kid’s choice is important too so try to give them more of what they like playing with. Notice what they are attracted to.

  • Safe toys

Always make sure that you give your child the toys which don’t harm them. Anything that can make them hurt or cause injury should be avoided.


Best Toys for Kids


  1. Encore Pink Walkie Talkie for kids
Eoncore Walkie Talkies for Kids Two Ways Radio Toy Long Range 22 Channels 10 call tone Build-in Flashlight Pink

Eoncore Walkie Talkies for Kids

This cute pair of walkie talkie is best for the kids to play around while talking to each other in commands. The beautiful finish makes it attractive and the LED display is perfect for the new age kids. Suitable for baby girls of age up to 4 years this one if best for your child!


  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Made of plastic and has LED display
  • Transfers sound easily


  • Not suitable for kids below a year of age
  1. Talent Star Blue Walkie Talkie for kids
Walkie Talkies for Kids, 2 Pack FRS GMRS Wireless Handheld Two-Way Radio Transceiver

Walkie Talkies for Kids, 2 Pack FRS GMRS Wireless Handheld Two-Way Radio Transceiver

This beautiful plastic walkie-talkie in blue color has LED display, 22 channels with PMR system, LED torch, long-range coverage and transmits high-quality sound. Operates on four AAA batteries the toy is light-weight and perfect for kids of growing age. It covers almost 3km travel distance and hence is a good tech-toy for your baby boy!


  • Covers long range
  • Has a variety of features
  • Lightweight
  • Battery operated


  • Battery may run out
  • Not suitable for kids below a year
  1. National Products 12V police motorcycle
12V Police Motorcycle

12V Police Motorcycle

Weighing just about 110 pounds, this battery-operated police motorcycle has 2 forward speeds and a backward speed for utmost play. With hand accelerator, headlight, hazard and signal lights this is the perfect replica of a true motorcycle. Make your baby boy enjoy rides inside the house or around the garden in this for their biking love.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Speed control
  • Forward and backward speed
  • Very comfortable


  • Needs adult supervision


  1. Melissa & Doug vehicle pull back set
Melissa & Doug K's Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set - Soft Baby Toy Set With 4 Cars and Trucks and Carrying Case

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Pull-Back Vehicle Set

Pull and go vehicles are kids’ favorites! They are the most vital in the learning years of baby life. And thus, suit the kids of 8 months and more. These set of 4 pull-back vehicle set has a school bus, a family car, a fire truck and a police car. With soft touch and very light-weight wheels, these are the cutest gift to the baby girls to play around the house.


  • Pull back vehicle for babies and toddlers
  • Comes in a set of 4 cars
  • Develops sensory, social-emotional, language and color knowledge
  • Soft and lightweight


  • Not to be left with the kid alone
  1. Zahar toys children’s colorful pistol toy

Children's Colorful Toy Gun Mauser Toy Pistol

Baby boys of age 4 to 10 years have the ultimate way to celebrate the shooting hobby. The colorful pistol toy!The package contains one gun and 10 bullets which are colorful and easy to use. This one improves the movement ability and develops child mind. The bullets are really soft and makes for a good outdoor play.


  • Child-friendly Classic plastic pistol toy
  • Soft bullets promote safe play
  • Suits baby boys 4 years and above
  • Promotes movement developing skills


  • Not to leave the child unattended
  • Not for indoor play
  1. Wishpets stuffed animal soft toys
Wishpets Stuffed Animal - Soft Plush Toy for Kids Kangaroo

Wishpets Stuffed Animal – Soft Plush Toy for Kids Kangaroo

Soft toys are girl’s favoriteand this beautiful piece of stuffed animal is a beauty in itself. The Wishpets stuffed animal soft toy is a huggable and cute toy with a smaller toy on the pocket. Suitable for babies of all ages, this cute little piece makes for great kids companion be it their bedtime stories, airplanes, car or even when playing around in the house. Perfect for a baby girl!


  • Soft toy for any age suitability
  • Very safe for the babies
  • Perfect partner for baby girls play


  • Depends on the baby choice



The best toys are those which are really safe for the kids and also allow them to learn something new. Each toy holds a lot of significance in teaching skills and mental development of a child. And therefore, when you are up for selecting best kids’ toys in Pakistan you must select the ones which are soft, highly functional and make the kids explore their creativity and skills. You can choose from an array of toys specially designed for baby boys and baby girls so that they get to play the toys with as much vigor as you brought for them. The parents however should note that kids should not be left alone with the plastic toys to save them from potential injuries. For best care of your child choose learning toys!