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> birth to 3years

Find here the best toys for the infants and toddlers that are best for their age. The section of birth to 3 years kids' toys has what suits their age and safe for them. New born toys include cuddling plush toys they can sleep with. As they grow older they can have the infants' hanging toys to play with. For a few months older soft toys, learning gym and lights and musical toys are right option. Fisher price has the best toddler's toys that you can check here for baby toys online shopping in Pakistan. Growing kids like to press buttons, grab things in hand and pick and place the stuff, drop and catch the things so you can give them such toys that can coordinate with their eyes and hand. A little activity and small toys are great for them. After 1 year they can have learning toys for healthy growth. Find here best toys for kids online in Pakistan and buy what is right for your toddler. 3 year old can have his/her own ride, tricycle or a mini car. Give something special to the little one and make them laugh and stay happy. Pick the best toys for toddlers and infants and baby toys online shopping in Pakistan.

The best toys for the new born to 3 years are;

  • Plush toys
  • Soft Balls
  • Picture Books in Hardback or fabric
  • Musical Toys
  • Shapes learning toys
  • Wooden Blocks
  • Simple and easy puzzles
  • Cuddling Toys
  • Alphabet games
  • Tricycle