333 Figure complex AMAZING YAMAGUCHI Spider-Gwen 155mm
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> Figure complex AMAZING YAMAGUCHI Spider-Gwen 155mm

Figure complex AMAZING YAMAGUCHI Spider-Gwen 155mm

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【Gwen Stacey to Spider Woman !? Spudder Gwen of a hot topic appeared in Amazing Yamaguchi!】 · In a comic "Spider Bath" where all Spider-Man living in a parallel world gathers up The character "Spider · Gwen" who gained popularity in the blink of an eye as it appeared for the first time Participate in Amazing Yamaguchi! "If Gwen Stacey becomes a spider woman" If Spider Gwen exists in the world. Unlike Spiderman, let s reproduce the women s unique fight by all means! · Contemporary costume is in two colors of white pearl and black, Added border with vivid pink and emerald green, finished delicately. · Teenage unique supple limbs, by movement Based on the calculations so that the proportions will not collapse, I am producing it. Battle scenes, the appearance standing on the roof of the building, the glide gliding skill, Please reproduce the magnificent movement of Gwen in your hands by all means. - The characteristic hood introduces the movement by the hinge and places the rotation movable, Movement such as looking up heaven greatly, suffering deeply in a honeyy hood. As the face becomes the shadow of the hood, it is also possible to reflect the delicate inside of Gwen. · The spider web of pronouns is produced with a design conscious of feminine curves. You can enjoy different actions from the same series Amazing Yamaguchi Spiderman. · The head of the replacement is prepared for "chatting face", "sad face" and "real face". "Talkative face" comes with the attached "smartphone" in a manner that complains with dad, narrowing eyes "sad face" is both angry Expressing the delicate inner side of Gwen, who can also take sorrows, "Real face" reproduces beautiful blonde, big eyes. We prepared three kinds of facial expressions. - In combination with the seven option hand included, various scenes can be reproduced.

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