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Amazon and eBay Toys shopping in Pakistan

If you want to get imported quality baby toys in Pakistan that are of healthy nature but you have no idea about home shopping of online baby toys in Pakistan. Then no worries at all as we are allowing you to get all these imported quality and safe and healthy baby toys in Pakistan from international online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay and many more in Pakistan. It is not too difficult and risky as you can get online baby toys that are of imported quality at your door step with various payment methods like; cash on delivery, bank deposit, easypaisa and more within 3-4 weeks right to your whereabouts.

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You can explore from our online shopping store of baby toys in Pakistan and get the best of your choice baby toys online in Pakistan and then add it to your cart, add your details such as address and contact number and placed your order. You also have the opportunity to choose baby toys from these international online shopping sites and send its URL at sales@babytoys.pk.;

• Amazon.com
• Newegg.com
• eBay.com
• Bhphotovideo.com
• DX.com

You have to send your details including name, address, contact number and above all the URL of that particular toy that you are going to buy from our online shopping store in Pakistan as it will be easier for us to track your order instantly. After the confirmation of your details it will be informed to you about the details of shipment and currency conversion in PKR. You can choose the best possible way for payment according to your ease and hence you can get your order right to your locale.

We will take the responsibility if in any case you received your package lost or damaged; company holds the responsibility of that replace the same product free of cost.We will solve almost all the shipping problems. There is no hidden cost and we didn't hesitate to tell you if you need any of toy right to your locale within 1-2 weeks, but in this case shipping will be more as compared to the normal price. In this case you have to pay your custom or duty.

We consider prices only at the time of placing your order as in any case prices may go up or down we will not take any hold on it as it is finalized at the time of order and we purchase your order on the same day when you confirmed your order. Company uses the Forex.pk open market rate of +1 PKR per dollar. So you can also get the reliable information and tell us about that specific product.

It is of great choice to get imported quality baby toys in Pakistan you can get all the information about transactions and ask any question regarding shipping method and allow us to offer you a distinctive way of virtual shopping. We are recommending you to choose the best of online shopping baby toys from Amazon.com,Newegg.com, eBay.com and many others.