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> Fly Wrapz - Wearable Slap-On Wristband Flying Toy, Spy Circuit

Fly Wrapz - Wearable Slap-On Wristband Flying Toy, Spy Circuit

Product Code:BT-39821724

Product weight:0.15 Pounds

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PKR 2004.00

Everyone will think it s just a cool wristband. How surprised they will be when you grasp the end of the silicone-covered bi-stable metal band, which instantly straightens into a flat surface measuring 9 in. x 2.5 in., then grip it by one end and let it fly end-over-end like a boomerang, watching it sail 60 feet away! You can further impress them when you grip it another way and give it a heave. Miraculously, it curves around a light pole. Then you skip it on a hard surface and it bounces back up into the air. Go for precision, go for style points, do tricks, play catch. When youÕre done, slap it back down on your wrist, where it wraps securely, ready for the next time someone compliments you on your cool wristband!

  • Flies up to 60 feet!
  • Available in 6 fashionable designs (Skulls, Spy Circuit, Cheetah, Digi Camo, Flamez & Hipster)
  • Morphs from a flat flying wing to wrap-around wristband
  • Styles suitable for both boys or girls
  • Durable silicone body