333 Queens of Africa Black Doll - WURAOLA (Curly/Natural Hair)
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> Queens of Africa Black Doll - WURAOLA (Curly/Natural Hair)

Queens of Africa Black Doll - WURAOLA (Curly/Natural Hair)

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A gorgeous doll for empowering young girls to embrace their culture, the power of education, and a hope for their future.

Queens of Africa dolls are made for children and young teens who love fashion, playing with friends and sharing imaginative adventures. What s more, they re also a chance for parents to help their kids embrace their historic roots and to share in the amazing cultural experience that Africa offers today s global community. More than just a black doll for girls, our heritage collection is a true lifelike representation of young, powerfully educated women who love embracing life, friends and their share of fun!

About Wuraola - Queen of Africa Doll

The Wuraola Doll represents the Yoruba ethnic group of Africa. Her name is means "Gold/Precious Wealth". Blessed with golden brown skin, attractive looks and a love of movement, she loves to dance. She loves numbers and is fascinated by world economies. Her favorite subject is Mathematics, Economics and Accounting. She believes in financial literacy and wants to be the President/CEO of her own investment company.

Product Details:

  • Curly, Textured Hair
  • Lifelike Facial Features
  • Deep, Rich Coloring
  • Modern African Print Styles and Fashion
  • Ages 3 and Older

Playset Features:

  • Wuraola Doll
  • Outfit
  • Jewelry Accessories
  • Toy Bag
  • Pet Dog
  • Ownership Booklet

Inspire your child with a fun, versatile and educational doll that embodies the heart of Africa. Get yours today by clicking Add to Cart now!

  • AUTHENTIC: Dolls capture traditional sub-Saharan heritage facial features and skin tone.
  • NATURAL HAIR STYLE: Wuraola and our Queens of Africa dolls all feature authentic hairstyles.
  • MODERN STYLE: African fashion is on display with bold and beautiful outfits girls adore.
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Each doll is sturdy and intricately detailed for fun, engaging play time.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Learn about the African Continent and its rich history with bonus material!