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> Shopkins Tin featuring Poppy Corn

Shopkins Tin featuring Poppy Corn

Product Code:BT-39927218

Product weight:0.60 Pounds

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PKR 3073.00

Shop til you drop and keep your Shopkins collection growing with this Shopkins tin featuring Poppy Corn! This tin is great for storing all or part of your Shopkins collection! Each Shopkins Tin featuring Poppy Corn contains 200 Shopkins Stickers, 1 Shopkins Fashion Tag Accessory, and 2 packs of Shopkins Trading Cards. The lunch box style of the tin makes it great for carrying your Shopkins with you everywhere. Poppy Corn is warm and full of surprises! A great friend to see a movie with. She s a bag of fun!

  • Lunch box style Shopkins Tin with claspe and handle featuring Poppy Corn.
  • Great for storing all of your Shopkins!
  • Contents include 200 Shopkins stickers, 1 Shopkins Fashion Tag, and 2 Shokins Trading Card Packs.
  • The perfect addition to your Shopkins collection!