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Sakiyrmai Plush Elephant Musical Toy for Babies

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Recommended age :0 to 12 months

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PKR 6318.00

If your baby loves playing with baby musical toys, present him or her cute plush elephant music toys. This plush animal features an adorable plush elephant toy with stimulating sound and music features. Therefore, the little angel enjoys the company of the little elephant toy as his musical friend. Our facility for baby toys online shopping in Pakistan enables you to buy them for your kids by simply taking advantage of our collection of imported kids’ toys in Pakistan. You will only need to click order now for plush elephant music baby toys to buy kids’ toys online in Pakistan.

  • Sakiyrmai plush elephant has three buttons on his tummy for different stimulating features, i.e., funny sound, classic nursery rhyme, and calming nature sound.
  • The heart button also has soothing lights that light up when it is playing music or sounds.
  • It has 12 classic songs that make it entertaining and engaging for kids.
  • The lullaby music makes the baby pacify quickly or even fall asleep.
  • The size of an animal plush music toy is 7 inches and a toddler can easily grab, play with, and carry it.
Recommended age: 
  • Suitable for babies of age 3 months and above
  • Musical toys support brain development, imagination skills, creativity, and sound cognitive abilities. Moreover, playing with them can also promote sensory-motor skills while making kids smart.
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