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SSBRIGHT Tree Climbers Outdoor Active Play Set for Kids

15 Climbing Slings

Product Code:BT-5803821


Recommended age :3 years and above

Our Price:
PKR 28277.00

Let a little climber climbs the tree easily with SSBRIGHT Tree Climbers Set. They are tree climber attachments designed to provide ergonomic holds on the huge tree. These holding points make it easier for kids to hike up on the tree to collect fruits. Our facility for baby toys online shopping in Pakistan makes it super convenient to get these tree climbers set for kids for setting up the exciting climbing outdoor fun game. We feature it in our collection of imported kid’s toys in Pakistan so you can easily buy kids’ toys online in Pakistan with quality surety. So, if your kids love playing such outdoor plays, you should buy these playground equipments for them.


  • SSBRIGHT Tree Climbers Set contains 15 pieces of climbing a step or holds, featuring five different colors.
  • The six durable ratchet straps are 6.5ft long, so they can easily wrap even around the huge tree trunk.
  • For assembling, you need to attach climbing holds in ratchet straps and fasten them on the tree with crank clips.
  • The tight and durable assembly makes it hold up to 200 lbs of weight.

Recommended Age: 

  • Perfect for kids of age 3 and above


  • Climbing trees with the support of tree climber attachments improves the fine motor skills, body muscles strength, body balance, and body coordination of young kids. offers the steadfast facility to buy toys baby products in Pakistan, so you can use our service to get these climber attachments for kids. Simply book your order to us, and we provide your ordered toys for kids at your door with easy payment methods.

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