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Birth to 3 years

Find here the best toys for the infants and toddlers

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4 to 6 years

Here comes the school going age of your kid and baby

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7 to 9 years

Now they can have painting toys and electric toys to play with

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10 years & up

Kids are pretty wise now as they turn or cross 10

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Welcome to the babies’ land! Let’s buy some baby toys!

Having a baby in the house is like having a little bundle of joy you want to celebrate each day. It is their smile, the beautiful eyes and the innocent habits that you want to keep cherishing each day. There is a need to take special care of kids because kids indeed are special!

What babies love the most?

Babies like to fondle with little things that attract their attention. It can be anything from a shiny object to stuff toys or even something that emits light. In the growing years of babies, you don’t want to them to come in contact with anything that may harm them. And therefore, you try to look out for the best of baby care products which indeed makes their surroundings safe.

At Babytoys.pk we understand the concern of the parents and try to bring to you everything that babies love and are safe for them. From a huge range of collective baby toys, pretty pillows, stuff toys, art & crafts, dolls, learning toys and more we try to fit into the baby play and learn habits and help you raise your baby with care.

Toys for newborns!

 There isn’t anything prettier than a sight of a newborn baby! The innocence on their face, the purity and the revering smile are something we don’t want to let fade away. And so Babytoys.pk hosts about a huge range of special baby care products and toddler toys which are specially meant for the newborns. Everything from the newborn clothes, nappies, formula food, teething toys, baskets & liners, cot sheets, night lights, nebulizers to even sipper cups, bottles, and warmers – we have got it all sorted for you.

 At Babytoys.pk you shall find high quality and super gentle toys and baby products which are specially meant for the newborns keeping in mind their gentleness.

The toddlers time!

 It is when the babies start to grow each month that you come to know of their new habits and requirements. Each month your baby starts showing a sign of growing up and as fast as it happens you shall new sets of clothes, toys and even care products that running for them all the time is a duty now!

 Babytoys.pk has a huge collection of special baby products that suit perfectly for the growing babies of all ages. No matter your baby is 6 months old, 12 months old or even two years of age – you shall find everything in just one platform. We deal with products that pertain to a range of categories as below:

Baby skincare: Skincare of the babies is essential especially in the growing years because it is the foundation of an age long process. We would advise choosing nothing but the best to secure their skin for life. Thus, we bring about a range of baby skincare products which are available from different brands and have different qualities that you may choose from. Go for the herbal creams and lotions or just the famous brand for recognized use – we have got it all sorted right at a few clicks.

Nursery Accessories: Nursing babies is a different game altogether. Of course, babies need to be fed every few hours and for this, you have to be always ready with their choice of food. Stock up on the baby formulas, baby bibs, bottles, feeders, bottle warmers, feeding pillow, etc so that you never run out of any of them. Also, when your baby is deep in sleep you want to give him a peaceful and unhindered sleep, for this, you can pick from a range of cots, mosquito nets, rugs, pillows and more.

Toys: Talk about baby toys and there is no end to it. Babytoys.pk is proud to announce that when you stop by with us to look for a perfect toy for your baby – you won’t return empty handed! We have a vast collection of baby toys which are directed for baby use from the age of 6 months to about 12 years of age. These toys come in various designs and technology. You can choose from stuff baby toys like bunnies, pillows, and Doraemon or even go for hi-tech games like action figures, building toys, video games, etc. With new technologies coming in the market we are the first ones to stock them up!

Toys for the kids

When your baby is more than 2 years of age, you want them to start learning while playing. This is why you shall need special toys which work in making the kids learn something new each day. Here you can have online shopping of toys for boys & toys for girls. For this, you can choose kids toys from indoor active play games, cars, planes and trains, musical instruments, puzzles, sports and outdoor play games and even special learning and educational games which lay focus on academics. Picking up from an array of educational and active toys from Babytoys.pk you shall not just enjoy playing with the babies but also make them smarter with each game.

Toys for Boys

Boys love the toys which add thrill and excitement in their life. There is enormous collection of boys’ toys, ranges from action figures to RC cars. Regardless of their interests, you can find the perfect toys which have affixed fun and adventure. Lets your little boys play with his favorite toys and have fun for hours. 

Toys for Girls

Exclusive inventory of toys for girls has adorable collection of toys which will suit the personality of your princess. From dolls and doll houses to kitchen and make-up kit sets, you can find the best toys that encourage the little baby angel imaginations. Toys with Disney princess themes and cartoon character themes from Babytoys.pk make the girls adore their toys. 

Gifting toys to babies & kids

If you aren’t a parent and just looking for a baby gift for someone special, we have included the age bars for each item so that you can choose the right gift for the baby keeping in mind their age and need. So, if you are choosing birthday gifts for a baby boy or even a baby girl you can choose from musical toys, electronic system accessories, push and pull toys, Disney cars, dolls and even baby travel accessories to create an impression.

Hassle free baby shopping!

Of course, with baby in the house, you are always on a run! Babytoys.pk aims to make your task a little easier by helping you find all of the baby care products, toys, gifts, games and even the essential cots and accessories in the same platform. Just keep selecting and order for them to be delivered to you right at your house.

We save you time and efforts so that you can take the best care of the baby while we take care of all your needs for the baby!